Last week some drivers travelling along the motorway in Palo Alto, California, had the chance to see the all-electric crossover Tesla Model X. Some even managed to capture this event on video, which allows you to get a clear idea about what looks like the upcoming electric car from Tesla Motors on the road.

Although the development of the Tesla Model X is not yet complete and the design looks unfinished, on the trunk of a prototype crossover Tesla Motors caused the name of the manufacturer, and its front end is made in the spirit of previous models. In truth, this prototype Model X on the video does not differ from that which the company brought to the event Los Angeles Auto Show late last year.

The commercial version of the Tesla Model X crossover is expected to be submitted in the third quarter of this year. At the same time are scheduled to start the first deliveries of the Tesla Model X on previously collected pre-order. However, due to the small gap between the planned schedule of the release of the Tesla Model X, the company will initially take on the execution of existing orders; all other potential clients Tesla Motors, who are interested in buying electric Tesla Model X crossover and will pay the Deposit, will be able to get behind the wheel of a desirable electric cars until early 2016.

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