A group of students from the Technological University of Eindhoven (Eindhoven University of Technology) have created another version of family car that runs exclusively on solar energy. On the creation of the Stella Lux students worked about one and a half years. The result was a highly efficient, intelligent and comfortable car that allows totally free travel on long distances.

The energy in the car Stella Lux is produced by solar panels, the total area is 5.8 square meters. The excess generated energy to charge the rechargeable battery with a capacity of 15 kWh. When fully charged the battery and use the energy generated by the solar battery, the Stella Lux car can pass a distance of 1000 km. This distance is indicated for use in the Netherlands. But, for example, in Australia, where it is possible to more effectively use solar energy, the maximum distance of up to 1100 km. the Maximum speed that can develop the car, Stella Lux, is 125 km/h.

Stella Lux

To decrease the weight of the design uses carbon fiber and aluminum. To improve the aerodynamics under the body there is an air tunnel, and a flat roof takes the role entirely. The weight of the Stella Lux is about 375 lbs. In the car also used an innovative navigation system that calculates routes based on weather conditions and, accordingly, the amount of solar energy that will get the car.

Later this year the Stella Lux will take part in the race cars on solar energy World Solar Challenge to be held in Australia.

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