Recently, the company Tesla introduced its electric vehicles in the firmware update which improved the acceleration of the Tesla P85D. Then it was reported that the next firmware update will save drivers from worry about the charge level and the distance run. But that’s not all.


The head of Tesla Ilon Musk (Elon Musk) said that currently the company’s specialists are working on the next firmware version, which will be introduced in the electric vehicles functions of the autopilot. He noted that it will be possible to drive from San Francisco to Seattle (about 1300 km), and the driver does not have to do anything to control the car. So far, the automatic control can be activated only on highways and within private property (but at low speed). The appropriate firmware update should appear over the next three months. But it will be available only to owners of Tesla electric vehicles in the United States.

However, it is noted that the electric Tesla already contain sensors that allow them to move independently, including in the dark. But now technology is advancing faster than the legal norms in this field. Tesla because the company actively cooperates with state regulatory authorities concerning implementation of new features.

New firmware will prevent a full battery and add autopilot in the Tesla electric cars

Also Elon Musk has shared details about the next update, which will allow drivers to not worry about the battery level. Unfortunately, we are not talking about increasing mileage from a fully charged battery. Actually, firmware version 6.2 adds to the on-Board system information on the location of charging stations Supercharger. Thus, if the battery level is approaching critical level, the car will notify the driver about it, find the nearest charging station and will pave the route for her. Also when planning long trips, the navigation system will take into account information about the destination, the battery level and the network of Supercharger stations. As a result, we will choose the best route that allows the owner of an electric vehicle quickly to get to the location, dataradio on the road the battery. According to Elon musk, the electric car now will not stay in the way due to the complete exhaustion of the battery, if only “the owner won’t do it intentionally”.

Currently firmware version 6.2 goes through the stage of beta testing among some owners of electric Tesla. The release of the final version of the firmware should take place approximately two weeks later.

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