German engineers robotics DFKI in Bremen has proposed the solution of parkomesta in crowded cities. Engineers have created screencrave called EOssc2 Crab, the peculiarity of which consists in the ability to Park in tight spaces, thanks to the special flat body and modern automation. And most importantly, a new vehicle can drive sideways, according to the resource
EOssc2 Crab-2
The algorithm of movements borrowed from EOssc2 Crab crabs who know how to move sideways. Complex maneuvers, including Parking, Crab exercises using a computer and car navigation systems. It can move straight, diagonally, turn in place and lean forward, decreasing in dimensions.

In addition, the Crab can travel at speeds up to 65 km/h in naplatanova mode using built-in cameras and LIDAR sensors, installed on the roof.

In the future the developers of this electrocare plan to create a model that does not require management by humans.

EOssc2 weight is 750 kg (more than half is 54 volt lithium polymer battery). In the motion car leads four 4-klevatt of electric motors (one per wheel).
EOssc2 Crab
Until date bulk sales of the manufacturer does not specify. Currently test samples are EOssc2 tested on the roads of Bremen (Germany) and Dalian (China).

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