In the course of the conference call, founder and CEO of renowned electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors Elon Musk made a number of important announcements, including the release of a new generation of sports car Roadster in the next four years.
tesla model S 70 P85D
News about the release of the new Tesla Roadster will devote a separate article, but let’s start with the announcement of a new single-engine version of Model S with the battery 70 kWh New Tesla Model S will be priced at $70 thousand, thereby restoring the previous value of the initial price of the old Model S 60, the replacement of which in April came the Model S model 70D. According to the Mask, if approached from a financial point of view, the basic version of the Tesla Model S is a gasoline vehicle at a cost of $50 thousand considering fuel economy for the entire period of the rated life. After upgrading the range all-electric Model S sedans as follows:

Model S P85D $105 000;
Model S 85D $85 000;
Model S 85 $80 000;
Model S 70D $75 000;
Model S 70 $70 000.
This new service fits in the company profile – the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade package for the top models Model S P85D, which improves the already impressive dynamic performance of the electric vehicle. So, with the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade package model Model S P85D accelerates 10% faster – acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h requires only 2.8 s and the passage distance in the quarter mile (402 m) 10,9 p. the Manufacturer also promises that the updated Model S P85D accelerates to 250 km/h on 20% faster compared to the regular version. Answering follow-up questions, Musk said that the upcoming Model X crossover will also get the option Ludicrous Speed, but because of its weight – Model X is expected to be 10% heavier than the Model S – it is unlikely to be faster than Model S.

Package Ludicrous Speed will not be cheap for additional acceleration, which Musk describes the phrase “faster than free fall”, which actually is true – with the accelerator pressed down to the floor, the driver receives an acceleration of 1.1 G – will have to pay $10 thousand By the way, in addition to Ludicrous Speed for the new Model S customers also have the option to install the updated battery pack with a capacity of 90 kWh (+6% to the stock stroke), but it’s another $3 thousand on top.

More on photos from the article: Tesla Motors has expanded its family of electric Model S sedans are available in a single-engine variant of S 70 and has done a top-end modification P85D even faster (2.8 s to 100 km/h)