During a quarterly communication with shareholders, the company Tesla has officially confirmed the final release date of the Tesla Model X crossover to market. The first lucky ones will get their own personal electric SUV in September of the current year.
Tesla Model X - 1

Elon Musk noted that the first examples of the Tesla Model X will be delivered to selected customers at the end of the third quarter. At the moment the waiting list for the current year full and to be among the buyers at least in 2016-m to year, you will have to book a place in the list, make a Deposit of $5000. The final price is still unknown.

Tesla Model X -2

The novelty will be produced on the same Assembly line in Fremont (CA), and Tesla Model S. This situation is potentially able to reduce the amount of produced sedans, so the timing of electric vehicles have already been ordered for some users may shift over time. Despite the fact that the manufacturing process uses more than 500 industrial robot that Elon Musk called this model one of the most difficult to manufacture. So at the initial stage, the manufacturer expects to produce about 800 cars Tesla Model X in the quarter.

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