tesla-model-s-dreem-3Swiss company Rinspeed repeatedly surprised the public with their unusual developments. And this time the photos were published XchangE concept car. Developed on the basis of the Tesla Model S sedan, the Swiss created a car in which to sleep during the drive, move back to the stream and move the steering wheel left to right. It is worth noting the participation in the project TRW, Harman, Eberspächer and Deutsche Telekom. Premiere unusual electric car will take place in Geneva.
The company Rinspeed, with a head office in Switzerland, created a Tesla Model S sedan conceptual auto XchangE. The interior and layout of the car is simply amazing and paint a picture of future self-managed machines. Thanks to technology, Car2X, model Rinspeed XchangE can communicate with other cars and various road infrastructure.

The sedan is equipped with computers with different specialisations and is able to collect weather data, pavement, signs, traffic jams, accidents, and then sends them on an installed server. The collected information may be processed such machines, allowing you to avoid problems on the road. The electric car has a built-in LTE cellular, and Internet connection are provided by the company Deutsche Telekom. In the saloon there is no binding of the steering column to the wheels thanks to the technology of steer-by-wire models like the Infiniti Q50, which is why it is possible drive by torpedo from right to left and back.
tesla-model-s-dreemIf we talk about torpedo, you will be surprised. Behind the wheel is mounted screen, reaching a length of 1.2 meters. It displays all the necessary information and even more. Steering column equipped with a luxury Swiss watches Carl F. Bucherer, which, among other things, are in a special capsule with the function of the winding. Capsule rotates with the speed of the clock hands. Seats for passengers and drivers is also reminiscent of sci-Fi movies about cars of the future. They have the function to turn in 20 positions. For example, you can turn away from the road and watch an interesting film on TV is 32 inches.

And that’s not all. Model Rinspeed XchangE has a wonderful roof made of plexiglass. Its surface is equipped with a 360 th LEDs through which you can adjust the lighting in the cabin within the desired limits. Besides the outside is changed and the color of the roof. The driver and passengers in a vehicle can also enjoy transparent switches gears, warm pockets for the feet and work with tablets based on Windows system.

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