According to the company Tesla Motors, the top version of sedan premium Model S with two motors and all-wheel drive has a power reserve of about 430 km. However, the Norwegian programmer Bjorn Nuland from the University of Oslo, who lovingly calls his Tesla two-year “Millennium Falcon” (by the way, he also has a YouTube channel, mostly devoted to its Model S and to their joint travel) managed to establish a kind of world record. According to Nuland, he managed to pass an incredible 728 miles on one battery charge after “filling” on the Tesla Supercharger station in the small town Rodekro, Denmark.

According to Tesla Motors, the previous record was registered in may 2012, when the father and son managed to drive about 682 on a single charge.

Whatever it was, Nuland has no financial relationship with Tesla, at least, so says the company. He just loves his car.

To set the record, Nuland and his patient friend, who accompanied him during the trip and filmed a video (below), I had to go at a speed of about 40 km/h on the road with virtually zero angle.

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