American manufacturer of premium electric cars Tesla Motors has doubled the number of personnel in the strategy for business expansion. About this newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

By the end of 2013, Tesla Motors worked 5859 people, and a year later this number had risen to 10 161. The increase in the staff led to a noticeable rise in selling, General and administrative expenses for the same period – from $285,6 million to $603,7 million in Addition, the company has twice increased the cost of research and development – up to $of 464.7 million

Adding new jobs and increased costs are part of the Tesla plan to increase for several years, the annual sales of up to 500 thousand cars, against 33 thousand in 2014.
From documents that the automaker was sent to the American regulatory authority, it follows that in the current year, the company plans to increase operating expenses, including selling, General and administrative expenses and R&D-investments, at 45-50 %. Capital expenditures reached $1.5 billion, of which $300 million will go together with Panasonic construction “Giavarini” for the production of batteries for electric vehicles.


Curious expenses have become advertising and marketing. In 2014, these needs Tesla Motors spent $48,9 million, 5 and 13 times more than in 2013 and 2012, respectively. In the past year to promote one Model S sold the company spent an average of $1493, while the same indicator for the previous year amounted to only $400.

Tesla is not engaged in regular advertising campaigns, but often runs promotional events for current and potential owners of electric vehicles to the company. Advertising budget vendor remains negligible in comparison with other brands, says the source.

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