The President of Porsche AG, Matthias müller shared the company’s plans on the development of the electric vehicle or the creation of an electric version of one of their models. It is assumed that the appearance of the car is expected in subsequent generations of the Stuttgart sports cars. This news is reported by the German Auto Motor und Sport.
“The management of Porsche AG is seriously thinking about the development of the electric vehicle. Quite possible the expansion of the new models of this car. The car will run purely on battery supplied. I do not consider it appropriate to extend the system to the machine other power sources. It is expected that without charging the electric car will be able to overcome 300 km and 400 better” – shared Mueller.
Enchanting appearance on the world market model Tesla Model S and electric vehicles Mercedes SLS AMG ED and Audi R8 e-tron forces a company to think about creating a standing model.
If this project is approved, electric car brand Porsche will not install optional gasoline engine to increase the power reserve. Matthias Mueller stressed the need to improve the technology of batteries, which provide continuous operation of the car. Don’t be surprised if Porsche will use some ideas Audi, because not so long ago the company announced the reserve 450 km of elektroauto e-tron.
The representative of Volkswagen AG Heinz-Jakob Noiser, coordinating the development of power plants that have revealed new details on research the manufacturer in the industry of batteries. He notes that closer to 2016 lithium cell, similar to those on the current cars will be able to provide 50% more mileage. And in 2020, possibly from under the conveyor will be releasing a brand new lithium-air batteries. A sufficient number of years, many global companies are developing similar technologies.
The last “electric” development of Porsche was quite successful. Mean Porsche 918 hybrid cars. The electric car has a V8 petrol engine volume of 4.6 liters and two electric motors. The power plant has a capacity of 800 HP Electrocare enough 2,8 sec. to accelerate to 100 km/h Maximum speed exceeds 300 km/h. It is worth noting that the model Porsche 918 able to travel about 150 miles on electric. The clutch and an electric motor combined in one unit.

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