The head of the German automaker BMW Harald Krueger has announced the launch in 2016 of the updated version of i3 electric vehicle that will have increased power reserve compared with the current car. However, no details on how it will increase the power reserve, he did not specify. In particular, in interview to one of German editions, Krueger said that after three or four years, the company is preparing to release a battery of new generation, which will further increase the range of travel on a single charge. According to some, by the time of their appearance the current owners of the current versions of the BMW i3 will have the opportunity to replace the batteries of the power plant with new ones.
Recall now that the latest BMW i3 hatchback supplied with a 170-horsepower electric motor and a set of lithium batteries with a capacity of 22 kilowatt-hours, which allows the car to pass on a single charge up to 160 kilometers. The models have a version equipped with two-cylinder petrol engine 0,647 liters and output of 38 HP, which is used to charge the batteries in transit, increasing range of up to 300 kilometers.

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