A handful of veterans of Silicon valley have decided not to sit idly by, but to attract investments and to found a startup in California, to confront the legacy of the auto industry with all-electric car. Sound familiar? Still, it’s not Tesla Motors, and Faraday of the Future – a new American startup that promises to release revolutionary electric car in 2017 and, like the famous brainchild of Elon musk, named after a famous physicist – in this case the “father” of electromagnetism Michael Faraday.
Faraday Future
In addition, little is known about this mysterious company. According to Motor Trend, is not disclosed even the name of the founder of the company. The headquarters of the Future Faraday is a former research center and Nissan design in California.

On the one hand, over the past decade remember the various attempts to found a revolutionary electric car – the car industry is extremely conservative and to break into this market is difficult, and even the same Tesla Motors sometimes have a very hard time. But on the other hand, most Future Faraday stands out against the background of his “star” team. Spending a little time searching for in the professional social network Linkedin, you can find dozens of eminent engineers and designers, who until Future Faraday worked for global automotive companies like Tesla, GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler. In particular, Faraday Future managed “to seize” such talents as Richard Kim, who headed earlier the development of high-tech concepts BMW i3 and i8, Pontus Fonthaus also contributed to the interior design of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Land Rover, Paige Biermann is the former creative Director of BMW, as well as porter Harris is a native of SpaceX. At the moment, the Future state Faraday employs 200 people, and next year the number of employees should increase by half.

All this is reminiscent of the story of the mysterious developer of cinematic reality technology Magic Leap, which last year managed to raise about $2 billion, including $542 million from Google: there is a keen excitement caused by the interest of big companies and the participation of talented developers, but consumer-grade products is not yet in sight even on the distant horizon. On the official website of Faraday Future it is possible to detect a qualitative conceptual picture of the car, which, according to the manufacturer, is “fully electric, with zero emissions, fully connected and configurable in ways that were previously impossible.”

Resource Motor Trend found out that one Faraday of the Future goals in this project is the battery pack, the highest in the industry of electric vehicles density. In other words, the battery capacity of the electric vehicle Faraday Future will be 15% higher than the top-end Tesla Model S P85D, i.e. in the region of 98 kWh Looks competitive, but Tesla Motors is also not sitting still and, of course, is developing battery cells with higher capacity and has a significant advantage of an ever – growing network of charging stations Supercharger. Not having inexhaustible reserves of monetary and human resources, as well as unnoticed innovation, Faraday is likely to rely on direct competitor Supercharger device for fast charging SAE Combo.

Faraday will the Future hold out until 2017, and to release its revolutionary electric car? Now time is working against Faraday Future and somehow a little hard to believe that the company will succeed, but again, at first few people believed in Tesla Motors, but which eventually managed to create one of the most interesting (and perhaps landmark) vehicles in the history of the automotive industry.

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