Nissan has published unexpected statistics, according to which, in Japan, there are about 40 thousand point charge electric vehicles, while the number of gas stations in the country is only 34 thousand
In the statistics there is a certain flaw, because Nissan considered both public and private points of charge throughout the country, and has not led the exact number of the latter.

However, even taking this into account, the rate of development of alternative refueling in Japan just a few years, it looks impressive compared to what they could achieve oil companies operating there for several decades.


Not the last role in increasing affordable points of the charge for hire in the near future should play and the so-called “joint” economy. It is a popular movement, when private owners open access to its equipment or services to unauthorized persons. And applications such as Open Charge Map will be only to help.

Open Charge Map is an open map of charging points for electric vehicles operating worldwide, and accompanying the driver from the nearest accessible station.

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