France adopted the amendment, according to which persons who have reached the age of 14, can drive small electric cars. One example of such electric vehicle is the Renault Twizy at a cost of about $7600.
Formally Twizy falls under the category of ATV. The new law requires so that they can move with the speed not exceeding 45 km/h and had a weight of not more than 350 kg, and used a limited battery capacity. The current version of the Twizy does not meet the requirements of speed, because can accelerate to 80 km/h, and heavier than the required limit is 100 kg. But Renault is already working on the release of the updated version of the electric vehicle with reduced maximum speed and reduced weight.

france-14-2The Twizy is designed to move around the city because it may go on a single charge no more than 100 km In terms of safety the car is not different from the conventional machines: the pillows and the seatbelts, lights, and other required items of equipment.

Prior to the adoption of the new law, 14-year-olds in France could only get the light version of the driving license that allows them to operate a moped. Now the same document allows you to drive a Quad bike, which are actually more like small cars.

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