At the end of last week the head of Tesla presented the update to the first electric car company. New update, according to Elon musk, will provide a convertible fresh options that will seriously increase its power reserve – this can even be the envy of many traditional cars.
Tesla proposed three modifications Roadster. The first is the increase of power reserve. The second modification is “Aerokit, which reduces aerodynamic drag by 15 percent. And the third new tires with increased efficiency.

The result is the maximum distance that can pass the updated car without recharging, amounted to about 640 kilometers. A similar indicator, or even below, have many petrol cars.

According to estimates from the University of Michigan, the average savings of a new car in 2014 amounted to about 9.4 liters per 100 km to a Full tank volume 45-50 liters is enough for a distance of approximately 520 kilometers.

According to the Mask, the update will take place on Roadster distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco without recharging. For comparison: the previous version of the Roadster had a 390-mile cruising range. Thus, we see serious gains.


The starting price of the Roadster continues to hold above the 100 thousand dollars. Therefore, the majority of mortals not to experience these benefits in the near future. It is expected that the same service pack sooner or later will get the model S.

This statement was made amid forecasts of further development of the company. In a recent research note, Morgan Stanley, addressed to the investors, talks about the challenges that await Tesla due to lower prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in the cheaper oil. In recent months, Tesla shares fell more than 20 percent.

According to forecasts, by 2020, Tesla will sell about 300 thousand electric cars, not 1.5 million, as was originally expected. Morgan Stanley believes that low oil prices will not have an immediate effect on the current clients, most of them are wealthy people and care little about gasoline prices. At the same time, given the situation, fewer car owners will switch over to electric cars.

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