Shown at the Geneva motor show electric car Quant F has a number of distinctive features. This revolutionary car draws required for the movement of energy from the two tanks with different ionic liquids special composition. Substances from tanks are fed into the chamber with a special ion-exchange membrane, and the resulting chemical reaction produces electricity for four electric motors with a total capacity of 1090 HP, allowing you to accelerate over 300 km/H. These so-called battery fluid play a very important role in the project Quant F and brought fame to the manufacturer – nanoFlowcell AG of Liechtenstein.


In fact, Quant F is the further development of the electric vehicle Quant E, which was first used as an exotic fuel system on ionic liquids. Concept maps Quant E debuted at the Geneva motor show a year ago. According to the company, an electric supercar Quant F is quite usable, though still has the status of a vehicle, under development. New Quant F is the car that nanoFlowcell wants to put on the conveyor, and shown at the Geneva motor show concept car for the mass market Quantino more affordable version of Quant F with a lower voltage in the drive system is a visual evidence of the seriousness of the company.


Advantages of the technology nanoFlowcell obvious: ionic liquids can accumulate a much larger amount of energy compared with conventional battery packs, widely used in modern electric vehicles; “reload” lasts minutes, not hours. According to the manufacturer, power reserve Quant F is 800 km, which is much larger than that of electric cars Tesla Motors or new sports car Audi R8 e-tron. Replacement of electrolytes can be carried out for 5 minutes at special filling stations.


The manufacturer does not disclose the composition of the liquids, but notes that they are non-toxic and non-flammable.

But in the ointment, as usual, there was a fly in the ointment. Outside of the home for the company nanoFlowcell Liechtenstein stations could charge an electric car Quant F, is simply no. The company assures that existing conventional gas stations are easy to convert and possible even special solutions for the home. But the implementation of such ambitious plans to create the necessary infrastructure will require a lot of coordinated international efforts. While it is difficult to find words to describe this initiative: an ambitious project, worthy of the highest praise, or quixotic bravado.


In addition to the unusual engine power, electric Quant F has impressive performance. He is capable of accelerating to 100 km/h in just 2.8 C. It is faster than the acceleration of the new sports car Ferrari 488 GTB. In addition, Quant F is much more practical, since it can accommodate up to four people and friendlier to the modern technologies with a set of functions that can be controlled using a mobile application. Using a smartphone, you can configure the led interior lighting. In addition, there is a huge screen width 1.25 m, which occupies the entire front panel, which is the instrument panel and infotainment system.

Another distinctive feature of Quant F is a door type “gull wings” that open access to the salon.


The concept Quantino shown along with Quant F, differs even more impressive power reserve of 1000 km. it uses a less powerful system low voltage 48 V, while the operating voltage power circuits Quant F ranged from 400 – 735 C. Thus, the car has to work with large currents to provide the required power. By the way, she declared at the level of 136 HP (four motor 25 kW each). The maximum speed of a younger version of 200 km/H. the Concept Quantino also got tanks smaller 350 l (total) against 500 l in the older models.

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