A group of students from the University of New South Wales (Australia) has created an electric car racing last couple of years eVe, which gets energy from solar panels. Now the team will have to remake it so that it meets the requirements of reliability and safety set by the Australian design rules in relation to cars. This will allow to maintain the car on regular roads.

SunswiftBondiElectric car solar-powered eVe last couple of years may soon get permission to operate on the public roads

The team intends to complete its work by July this year. Thus, the last couple of years eVe will be the first road car solar in the southern hemisphere. But this should be reconsidered many parts of the vehicle, from suspension and ending with the headlights. Along the way you will solve the task associated with the possibility of commercial production of such electric vehicles. The fact that the prototype was quite expensive, its cost amounted to about 500 thousand Australian dollars (about $400K). To start mass production of the vehicle should substantially reduce its cost.
Previously, the last couple of years eVe electric car set a record speed for a long distance run, breaking 500 km on a single charge. As noted by the authors, the manufacturers showed no interest in the last couple of years eVe. However, the team received funding from the University, sponsors, and held a crowdfunding campaign on Pozible. For the modernization of the electric car eVe last couple of years to meet the requirements of the Australian design rules would need about 100 thousand Australian dollars (about $80 thousand).

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