Now, depending on battery capacity, buy electric car Tesla S for $or 80 thousand $70 thousand After Tesla reported on reselling old cars to buy this car in a used form you for $60 thousand
However, it’s still quite high for most potential buyers, so all are working on Tesla Model 3, the cost of which will be two times lower than the Model S – $35 thousand

This electric car will present in less than a year, in March 2016. However in the sale it will appear later, likely in late 2017. In addition to reduced cost, it will be 20% smaller Model S, and will pass on a single charge of about 330 km.

What will be the situation in 2017 at the car with absolute precision is difficult to say, because this period is planned not only run the other electric vehicles from other manufacturers, but also yield the first mass-produced hydrogen cars, for example, models from Toyota Mirai.

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