Reputable European automotive media with reference to the head office for sales and marketing of the Bavarian brand Ian Robertson said that the leadership of the company BMW will soon release fresh details about the new car in the line-up of environmentally friendly cars should take a step between electropenalty i3 and hybrid i8 sports car.
In particular, according to one version, the designers of the Bavarian company will slightly lengthen the chassis i3 to extend the range of i-line with a new compact MPV. Moreover, the leadership of the company BMW does not exclude the creation of a green sedan, which will compete with the Tesla Model S. electrocare
At the moment it became known that the BMW i5 will be on the market in two versions – electric car and a hybrid. Electrical installation will include an electric motor 225 HP and a battery capacity of 75 kW/h And the hybrid BMW i5 with a total capacity of 400 horse-power will include a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, the electric motor and the battery pack. Unfortunately, the exact date of start of sales of the new BMW i5 in the company is not yet known.

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