For almost a year now the leadership of the German concern BMW car warms up the public with new and new rumors about the emergence of a third model in the family ā€œIā€. And now German specialized publications full of titles that the Bavarians are going to restock the i-line of the new crossover BMW i5. Moreover, earlier it was planned that the name of the i5 will get a new hybrid sedan.
According to the automaker, the new product can be a non-hybrid car, although in the German press and claimed that the production of hybrid still possible. Rather, the car will be 100% electric. Under the hood BMW i5, the designers plan to install a 225-HP electric motor and rechargeable batteries, with which the car can travel up to 400 km on a full charge. As for the hybrid powertrain, then, most likely, speech can go about the so-called rechargeable hybrid (plug-in hybrid). However, before placing all the data on the shelves, fans of the brand were left to suffer quite a bit: premiere of new items scheduled for 2020.

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