The main reason for the low popularity of electric vehicles among the drivers with the experience is fairly modest power reserve “battery”. For automakers, the goal of increasing mileage in different ways — as high priority. Recently, BMW announced a new variant of its electric car BMW i3, which reserve will be increased by 50%. However, the novelty will hit the market only in 2017.
The updated hatchback will get a redesigned lithium-ion high-capacity battery and updated software. It is expected that the new BMW i3 can drive up to 240 miles, while the present modification overcomes absolutely 100 miles (160 km).
Recall that the range of the manufacturer and version of the BMW i3 with range-extender, having, in addition to the electric motor, the internal combustion engine from a motorcycle. Gasoline engine displacement of 647 cubic centimeters is designed exclusively for rotation of the generator, recharging the batteries and has no mechanical connection to the wheels. This powerplant now allows the hatchback to drive about 300 km, but still makes the owner from time to time to visit the gas station. A new “pure electric” i3 with a range of 240 miles, according to the Germans, will allow to refuse any compromise.

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