To protect the electric vehicle from the fires at the Tesla factory has developed a special underbody protection. Were made special plates made of titanium, which will be installed in all electrical machines Model S. the Company has tested more than six hundred times, during which the electric vehicle overcame various obstacles. The tests gave a positive result: the bottom was minimally damaged.
Last year was problematic for the company in mind recorded several fires in the Tesla Model S. Some sources reported that the investigation of these cases will hold the national authority for road safety USA (NHTSA), all until today, the results of the inspections are unknown to us.
The last case of fire occurred in Tennessee (USA). The company confirmed the incident, but no comment was not given, because according to representatives of Tesla, it is necessary to investigate the circumstances. The incident had a negative impact on the value of the shares of the company. During the day, the prices decreased by 9.1%. This rapid decline of the shares in the company was never.

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