In the Internet appeared the information indicating that negotiations between Apple and BMW. As part of these negotiations, the parties tried to come to agreement on the use of the automobile platform, the BMW i3 project for Apple in building their own electric car. This project featured inside Apple under the code name Project Titan.

According to available information, Apple was interested in using the body of the BMW i3 electric car. This model is a compact and lightweight hatchback made of carbon fiber. Talks between the companies began in the fall of 2014, but did not end with the signing of any far-reaching agreements. CEO Apple Tim cook (Tim Cook) and other company executives made a trip to the BMW factory in Leipzig, to look at the production of the electric i3.

Apple BMW i3

Note, this is not the first rumors about possible cooperation between Apple and BMW in the automotive field. In March of this year German magazine Auto Motor und Sport claimed that these companies are in a state negotiations and to transform the model of the BMW i3 in car Apple Car. BMW then denied this information.

However, Apple is actively engages with professionals in the automotive field. Recently she hired a former Executive Vice President of Chrysler Group, Doug Betts (Doug Betts). In addition, Apple joined Paul Furgal (Paul Furgale), research in the area of creating self-driving cars. Apple is also luring experts from Tesla, Ford and GM. According to some rumors, hundreds of employees are involved in a project to create its own electric vehicle. It is expected that Apple may to start its production by 2020. Although not all projects entering the market in commercial products.

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