In its 43 years Elon Musk is one of the most successful businessmen in the IT industry. This person creates the future before our eyes. He’s a billionaire, genius, philanthropist. The list of his ambitious projects – not just electric cars, but also modular private solar power, the concept of a “fifth mode of transportation” and even platform for multiple journeys into space. This year shares of Tesla suffered several times, then flew to the heavens, then suddenly fell. But no one would argue that 2014 is the year of the Mask. We have selected 10 of the best articles about the main person of the year.

Elon Musk has allowed everyone to use the Tesla patents

The main problem with Tesla Motors is not the presence of competitors and their absence. Maybe the decision Tesla to open the patents will help the industry to reach a new level and create worthy competitors Mask?

Elon Musk: the person who changes the world

Being under the gun of world attention, Musk, with his Stojanovi work weeks, personal capital in us $ 11.7 billion and the habit never to record at meetings, still remains a mystery. In this article we tried to find the keys to unlocking his vision of the world, the objectives and the way he thinks – I think we managed.

Elon Musk is the coolest CEO in the history

This material is Lukonina, but inspiring biography Iron man. By the way, did you know that Musk has proven himself as a genius programming already in 10 years?

A list of favorite books Iron man

When Elona Mask asked how he learned to design rockets, he answers simply: “I read a lot”. What did you read? Go to this link – there is a reading list for the new year holidays.

Tesla D: another step to the car without driver

This year, Tesla Motors unveiled the Tesla car D with autopilot and automatic Parking. We are delighted – and you?

Perfectionism Tesla Motors

Elon Musk would prefer to lose some profits, than to bring to market a product that will not cause the buyer delight. Investors would not forgive this to other companies – but Tesla Motors is another matter. Why Musk can afford such perfectionism?

Should I buy shares of Tesla?

The company’s profit beat all existing records without any kind of traditional advertising and the end of this growth is not yet in sight. Maybe you still have a chance to make a successful investment?

SolarCity – Apple in the world of solar energy?

There is little doubt that the future of solar energy. Read the story about how Elon Musk tames the sun’s energy and what are the prospects of the industry.

To fly in the pipe

Another ambitious project Iron man can change our perception about travel. This is something that never gets into an accident, will be powered by solar energy and to go not on schedule and exactly at the moment when we need you.” Read more in our article.

Elon Musk sets the trends

Summing up all the previous points, we can safely say: 2014 the year was very busy for Iron man and its many projects. This year Elon Musk has evolved from an inspiring entrepreneur and hero of geeks in one of the most important figures of world business.

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