After three years of waiting and speculation the world will finally see first after a successful new Model S from Tesla. The automaker promises the official presentation of the Model X in the near future, and the beginning of deliveries of the car scheduled for September. TechInsider resource has collected all known information about the new product in one article.

Model X should be the first SUV from Tesla Motors. Starting with the Tesla Roadster, each model works exclusively on electricity and is always associated with luxury and modern technology. According to preliminary information, the Model X will follow the same successful scheme.

1. Model S seats up to five passengers (two extra seats for the third row will cost $1500). In a sports SUV Model X can accommodate up to seven people.

2. According to preliminary data, the weight of the Model X will be 2.2 tons, which is 110% of the weight of the previous model.

3. Four-wheel drive, which for the Model S was the only option, will provide new “unprecedented level of control in all conditions”.

4. Earlier this year, Tesla presented the option of autopilot system for Model S. Judging by the spy photos, Model X will get a more advanced version of this technology. The autopilot will allow you to bypass traffic jams, avoid obstacles, and comply with the rules of the road, understanding road signs and speed limits. It can rather be called assistant driver, as the car will not be able to take passenger to the destination.

5. As for AWD in the Model S were necessary for two engines, most likely a dual motor, or similar configuration will be in a Model X.

6. Falcon Wing doors in the new model will be mounted on the roof, make it easier for passengers to reach the third row of seats.

7. According to the words of the Manager on public relations of the European branch of Tesla, Model X will also have a device for coupling with a trailer. It will surely look better than what is pictured.

8. It is reported that the novelty will have the same battery configuration as that of the Mode-S: capacity of 70 kWh (about 402 km) and 85 kW*h (about 434 km). These characteristics should not expect that a trip on the road without a couple of stops for recharging.

9. Chief designer Franz von Holzhausen said that the Model X will be in the same price range with SUVs, premium and 5-10% more expensive than the Model S. But any official information regarding the price of the car yet.

10. According to the manual, Tesla hopes to start the first deliveries in September. But since they are already behind schedule, most likely at first will try to fulfill existing orders. So pre-order now will probably have to wait until early 2016.

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